As a family of four, we go through so many “necessities” every day – from food, clothes, to books and other things that we deem important for us. Understanding the challenges our environment is currently facing, we want to actively choose products that are sustainable, organic and something that is lasting so that we can help reduce waste! Here, I share different products that we love, re-use, and keep.

Our Weekly Pick for Healthy Protein

Poke Bowls from Pokey Okey!

At least once a month, our family would visit Pokey Okey for Poke Bowls! Sashimi-free choices are available for kids, and vegetarians as well!

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Our Top Ten Books Pick

Books that feature interracial family and focus on diversity!

As an avid reader myself, I let my kids read as many books as they can. We do a library month at least twice a month, and I also like to buy second-hand books once we find our favourite!

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Photoshoot Outfit

What we wore to the beach

Perfect the curls!

Shea Moisture for Curly Hair

Our Go-To Snacks

How to snack and keep healthy at the same time!