Take me to the Deepest Blue by: L.L.Kombe Every mermaid and merman has a chance of becoming temporarily human, before ultimately choosing between the deep waters and the land up above. Narya, a young mermaid, surfaces in hopes of finding out where she truly belongs. On her first night as a human, she accidentally stumbles across Nick and Louise, two marine biology students in the Bahamas. Mistaking them for her support group that consisted of past merpeople who chose to remain human, she manages to keep her identity secret after discovering her error in time. Nick, who has an immeasurable passion for all things underwater, shies away from the ocean ever since a tragic incident a few years ago. When Narya appears, a deep sense of nostalgia and inexplicable familiarity gnaws away at him, rendering him a helpless prey to her charms. As unconventional friendships begin to flourish, a spark of romance between Narya and Nick also puts the mermaid in a dilemma. She is treading dangerously close to the edge of the water as she accompanies her new friends on sea expeditions and raising suspicions amidst marine experts in the area. Is she willing to risk everything she held dear underwater for a human? Is love enough for a mermaid to survive on dry land? 9.99 US - BUY BOOK
"The book is a page turner, a descriptive colorful story of a mermaid experiencing life on land. It is a light read but with depth of emotions and meaning that the author takes the readers through. When I reflect back on the story, book explores meaning of grief, family bond, friendship, and most of all the meaning of forgiveness of oneself."
  • Jenny
  • as reviewed on Goodreads
"I really enjoyed this book! It's lighthearted but explores deeper meanings about dealing with loss, love, ambitions, and unexpected friendships. It's not overly predictable like some novels and I really liked the fantasy world that Kombe has created in Take me to the Deepest Blue; it's unique and not just identical to every other mermaid book out there. "
  • Yuni
  • as reviewed on Goodreads