I have been creating stories for as long as I can remember. I used to jog down book ideas on scrap papers, napkins, dozens of notebooks that were filled with character charts and plots. To be able to transfer my stories unto pages and to see them bound as an actual book … Well, that is just about the most beautiful process I have ever seen. For the most part, I am a fiction junkie, so it is only natural that my first two books were novels. My upcoming book, a memoir on my journey from Canada to Tanzania is still in the works. As you are reading this, the manuscript is currently in the hands of multiple editors. And it is my hope that their decision will soon be able to transform my story into a published book. Stay tuned for more.

Take Me to the Deepest Blue


Narya, a young mermaid, ventures out to land for her transition—a ritual that anyone underwater can partake—to experience what it was like to be temporarily human. A mix-up paved way for a serendipitous encounter with Nick and Louise, two marine biologists students in the Bahamas. Narya masks her identity from them, all the while, relying on her human friends to find her way to safety. Nick, with a dark family past, struggles to resist Narya’s charms and falls for her. Through Nick and Louise, Narya is introduced to Pete, their professor, who values marine biology advancement and fame above all else. He recognizes something different in Narya, and attempts to uncover the mystery that surrounds this girl. Will Narya get back underwater unscathed?