Lu Lee Kombe
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I am Taiwanese-Canadian, and have lived & travelled extensively in East Asia and East Africa. With a love for writing and traveling, I document my life stories here, along with my thoughts on family and cultural diversity.

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L. L. Kombe

Fiction is my main genre, and while my personal favourite is historical fiction, I love to explore different themes in my work. I have published two novels under L.L. Kombe, Freeing Shadows being my first historical fiction, and Take Me to the Deepest Blue, a modern day mermaid story.

"The book is a page turner, a descriptive colorful story of a mermaid experiencing life on land. It is a light read but with depth of emotions and meaning that the author takes the readers through. When I reflect back on the story, book explores meaning of grief, family bond, friendship, and most of all the meaning of forgiveness of oneself."
  • Jenny
  • as reviewed on Goodreads
"I really enjoyed this book! It's lighthearted but explores deeper meanings about dealing with loss, love, ambitions, and unexpected friendships. It's not overly predictable like some novels and I really liked the fantasy world that Kombe has created in Take me to the Deepest Blue; it's unique and not just identical to every other mermaid book out there. "
  • Yuni
  • as reviewed on Goodreads
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