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A lover of books, writer, mother and avid traveller. On most days, I am either writing or dreaming up worlds I have yet to build, and always, always planning for my next adventure with my family. In the little free time that I have, I make short TikTok videos and Instagram reels that typically evolve around my family and the many memorable and at times, comical moments that we share. 

How We Met

Safari Day One

05:00am. It was so cold. I blinked when I woke up in my three-person dome tent that I shared with three other girls, Stephanie, Whitney and Kate. But we are in Africa. The Serengeti plains in Tanzania, to be precise. This may not be a surprise to some more seasoned traveler ...

Travelling in Africa with Kids

Our Stay at the Giraffe Manor

Advice and tips for parents who are planning to travel to Africa with young kids!

What does it mean to be "Blasian"?

Cultural Identity Crisis?

I have heard this question more than once: "Won't you be worried that your children will grow up confused about their identity?" The answer is: yes, of course I do.

Why do I blog?

When I first began to blog, I wanted to tell a story – of one’s journey from Canada into Tanzania, East Africa. How in the world did a Taiwanese-Canadian woman suddenly find herself being lulled to sleep by roaring lions outside of her tent? The best way to tell this story was to begin with why I had embarked on this journey in the first place. And the reason was a very simple one: I had fallen in love. It was quite a serendipitous meeting – I had signed up for a 3-day wildlife safari and the guide who manned the jeep was none other than my future husband.

As I kept writing, more details came to mind, and soon I became overwhelmed with just how much I still had to say about the many struggles as well as joy that comes with the union of two very different cultures. And so my story evolved from a simple love story, a meet-cute in the African Savannah – to an ongoing journey of self-discovery, of weathering the many storms of a cross-cultural relationship, and of love beyond its initial spark. And soon I realized that I wanted to tell this story in a certain way. It should be read in a coherent, somewhat chronological manner.

 So, I decided to turn it into a book instead. Currently, my manuscript is in hands of editors, and I am wishing as hard as I possibly can for it to soon be published! After I finished my book, it took a while for me to get back into blogging again. But I couldn’t stay away for too long. There are still so many stories to share, so much that I have learned – and still learning every day – about the segregation that still seems to seep into our lives, seeking to divide us because of the way we look. Our kids, who are half-Black and half-Asian are already facing hurtful remarks that they’re not able to comprehend … yet. 


So here is the reason why I am still blogging – to celebrate the beautiful diversity that exists in our world today, and to always, always be kind.  Because kindness is a universal language, and we should all be inexcusably fluent in it.


This is why I write. Spreading kindness one word at a time.

Recent Posts

Sharing what we love

As a family of four, we come across so many products, some of them necessities. Books, in my opinion, are indispensable in our lives. So here, I also share our favorites, especially ones that showcase diversity. Other than books, we also love our matching outfits, wellness products as well our favourite vacation spots!

Take me to the Deepest Blue

My second novel takes place underwater and features mermaids and all the fascinating things that live in the deep, vast blue. It is a love story, but also explores the meaning of family, forgiveness and second chances.

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Family Picnic with Pokey Okey

One of our favourite family take-out has to be Poke Bowls from Pokey Okey!

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