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Travelling with my Monos bags

From Tanzania to Canada, there is roughly 9,000 miles of land, mountains, and oceans that separate the two countries. Having flown this route many, many times before, I am no stranger to long-haul flights, 7+ hours of transit, and the joys of packing and unpacking for a trip. So when it comes to choosing my luggage and bags, I am always conscientious of what fits my travel style. Not only for the appearance—I can be quite picky—but the practicality of these travel accessories. Traveling before we had kids also vastly differs to how we travel now, with two tiny humans, who are fantastic travelers, but who are always constantly hungry and scavenging for snacks. 

So, when we were booking our trip to Tanzania, I was delighted to be able to try out my Monos Travel luggage, backpack, and duffle bag. I have to say that I fell in love instantly with the design and the color palette, and didn’t think twice before adding them to my cart. But of course, as with anything, it isn’t fair to judge a book by its cover, no matter how exquisite it may be. So, we put them to the test—on our back-to-back safari and beach vacation with Safari Infinity

Taking my Metro Duffel bag on safari around the Serengeti, Tanzania
  1. Pockets, pockets, pockets (and accessible compartments!)

As I previously pointed out, my kids are huge snackers. And on a safari trip, we are often faced with long drives, with miles and miles of Serengeti plains to cover. And while they are good travellers, I do need to keep them content and somewhat quiet (especially if there are large herds of elephants or lions nearby). Having snacks at my disposal is key to traveling with kids on safari, and I learned that being able to locate the snacks quickly can often be a challenge. The backpack (in Saddle Tan) has been a lifesaver on many occasions. There is a front pocket where I keep boxes of raisins, and inner pocket where I stock it with crackers and cookies, and also additional compartments where I keep the juice packs. 

“…we’ve been stopped numerous times by other travellers, hotel staff and friends, all asking us about the bags we were carrying. There is something undeniably sleek about Monos bags.”

2. The “safari” colors

I have always been a fan of earth-tone shades. And when I got into the safari business, I realized that this fit my style perfectly. When you choose a safari outfit, it is important to go for “natural” colors. The reason being that you want to blend in. Imagine wearing a hot pink jumpsuit while you are surrounded by the Serengeti’s long grass, and watching the gazelles run free on the plains. Not exactly the most idyllic photo. Some also suggests that sporting colors that are too different than the ones the wildlife are used to can upset them. This may be up for debate, but I think everyone can agree that a certain “safari dress code” is always pleasing to the eye, and there’s nothing wrong with blending in with nature! Enters Monos, the perfect travel accessories for your safari adventure!

My beautiful, sleek Carry-on Pro Plus luggage in the most popular safari color, Olive Green

3. Sleek and Chic

On my trip to both Tanzania and Kenya, we’ve been stopped numerous times by other travellers, hotel staff, friends, all asking about the bags that we are carrying. There is something undeniably sleek about Monos bags. At one hotel, a porter stopped me in my tracks and asked where my bag is from. I am not a collector of brand-name bags, so I typically don’t understand the buzz that surrounds an accessory—but since carrying Monos bags, I am starting to realize the effects and values of owning beautifully designed, prized items. 

Here is the list of the luggage and bags we travelled with to East Africa:

The Carry-On Pro in Olive Green

The Metro Backpack in Saddle Tan (vegan leather) 

The Metro Duffel in Saddle Tan (vegan leather) 

I also wore my Sevilla Top and pants on plane rides, during the long transits on safari, and I have to say, the comfort level of this set is out of this world. The material is also on the thicker side, and it worked out well since it was winter in Tanzania!

Wearing the Seville Top and Pants in cream during my time at Nyumbani Collection camp

All in all, we had such a fantastic trip back to East Africa, and travelling with our Monos bags truly made the experience easier and set the precedence for a “travelling in style” for our family! Currently planning our next trip and browsing the Monos website as I type this… Stay tuned for our next family adventure around the globe!