Look no further for your new favourite Poké place!

I first tried Poké during my trip to Hawaii, and I instantly became obsessed with the fresh sashimi mixed with pickled vegetables, as well as a variety of sides. I must have ate Poké every day for the week that I was there, and I still find myself craving for it day after after.

When I ordered my first bowl of Pokey Okey, I was actually prepared to be underwhelmed. After that first bite, I knew that I had found my go-to Poké restaurant in BC. This has to be our all-time favourite Poké place, with a diverse menu to choose from, along with scrumptious toppings like fresh avocados, torched salmon belly and spicy ahi tuna!

To be honest, when it comes to eating out, I am extremely picky with cleanliness, and I usually do a quick scan of the storefront before I even decide to eat somewhere. Pokey Okey certainly does not disappoint in this respect. Their ingredients are always fresh, served in an impeccably clean and organized environment, and they appear to always be well-stocked with their homemade sauces (Pokey Okey & Ponzu sauces are my personal favourites) … I’ve been several times when the sauce would run out, and it didn’t even take a second for the staff to reach down and whip out a new, full container to replace the old one.

They have an excellent menu, but I tend to go with “Build-Your-Own-Bowl, and I have to say, that as of yet, I’m not inclined to change my order. To be fair, I’ll share it here:

Size: Large

Base: White rice

Veggie Toppings: Kimchi / Edamame / Crabmeat / Corn

Sauces: Pokey Okey / Wasabi Mayo / Spicy Mayo / Ponzu

Protein: Torched Salmon Belly (+2$) / Spicy Tuna / Avocado

Additional toppings: Tempura Flakes / Garlic Flake / Seaweed