Fun book for learning Chinese with kids!

Between Sam and I, we have four languages in both our backgrounds combined, and as greedy as we may seem, we want our kids to learn all of them! It has been my longtime mission to teach my kids Mandarin/Chinese, as I am very glad that I was able to build a strong foundation of my mother tongue at a young age. To be honest, I had been searching for a series of Mandarin/Chinese books, not only with great content, but also appealing artwork!

When Judy Li from Baby Snack Time offered to send me a copy of her book, I was more than thrilled to say yes. When I received the package, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the book, along with a super cute puzzle that came with it. Since I have already introduced some of my favourite Asian snacks to Emma (e.g. Pocky), she was so delighted to spot them in the book!

This is a fun learning book with every page filled with nostalgic snacks from my Taiwanese childhood! The author, Judy Li, creates a fun learning experience that uses vivid snack illustrations to teach numbers, colours, animals and more!

Our family has so much fun reading this, including my Tanzanian husband, who is also learning Chinese. The perfect practice for a beginner! (And yes, I make him read it to the kids.)

This book has both English and Chinese, which is great for parents who are keen to educate their little ones with the language!

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