Baby-wearing experience made better!

I was so ecstatic when Ashley from Wildbird reached out to me, asking if I would be interested in trying out their slings! I had been following them on Instagram and I truly loved the unique designs and colours they offered, and I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Although Liam was technically no longer a baby at two year-old, he still fit in the sling comfortably, and the whole time I was carrying him, the sling felt secure and Liam was almost lulled to sleep (very rare, as both of my kids are not fans of naps).

Wildbird create such beautiful slings with the best materials for a truly comfortable baby wearing experience. I’ve always preferred a sling over a baby carrier for comfort reasons, Wildbird certainly delivers! Their slings come in beautiful shades and patterns, and even their ‘ring’ color is customizable on their website!

We had quite a bit of fun, as you can tell, with the sling. And I’ll definitely be keeping this for the future … While baby #3 is still heavily under discussion, I would definitely re-gift this if I don’t get to use it.

The sling pictured above is Chestnut, Double pattern with brass ring. Order yours here!