My must-have skin care routine

Back when I was pregnant with Emma in 2015, I was on the quest to find a new skincare line that was natural and ultimately safe to wear around my newborn. I have combination skin and prone to oily T-zone, so I knew that I needed something hydrating but not overly so. At the time, my best friend in Japan who had recently gave birth tried their Champagne Serum (now re-branded as Happy Hour), raved about the amazing scent and the effect it had on her skin, so without a second thought, I gave it a try.

It was the best skincare decision of my life.

Not only did the scent of all of their products immediately transported me back to Hawaii, it also did magic to me skin. As I spent part of my time in East Africa, I wanted something that would hydrate my skin in different climate. I have used Leahlani’s products in both the hot African Savannah as well as during the harsh Canadian winters, and I haven’t changed my skincare routine since I became their loyal fan.

I am planning to do a thorough blog post on all of my favourite Leahlani products, but in the meantime, I’d like to share with you the #1 item of my skincare routine!

Siren Serum

This serum smells absolutely amazing – and while this can be said for all of their products, this particular bottle has my heart. I also notice that it does a great job at brightening, all the while keeping my skin moisturized. I find that in the summertime, I only need to apply toner and a few drops of this serum, followed by my sunscreen and then make-up. I seldom use foundation, and find my skin the happiest when I follow this morning routine.

As of this moment, I am waiting for my next batch of Leahlani orders to arrive, as I’ve recently ran out of this magical serum! Hopefully it’ll get here sooner than later, and I will make Sam try out some of the masks with me.

Bless your skin today with Leahlani’s goodies here!

And for a limited time (until August 27, 2021), they are offering a special promotional discount of 20% for a special bundle!